Rated frequency(Hz) 50
Rated output power(KW) 8
Max output power(kw) 8.5
Rated voltage(V) E:230 E3:400/230
Rated current(A) E:34.8 E3:14.5
Rated rotation speed(rpm) 3000
Phase number E:Single phase E:3:Three phase
Power factor(cos) E:1.0 E3:0.8
Insulation class H
Number of poles 2
Exciting mode Automatic regulator(with AVR)
Panel form Normal panel
Output voltage(V) E:230 E3:400/230
Output form Single phase×2 binding post,Three phase four-wire binding post
Size[(L*W*H)(mm)] 930×610×620
Net weight(kg) 150
Gross weight(kg) 165
Noise level(dba/7m) 80
Structure mode Open frame
Engine model CH20
Engine type Air-cooled,4-stroke,OHV Two cylinder,gasoline engine
Number of cylinders-bore*stroke[mm] 2-77*67
Displacement[ml] 627
Rate power[kw(hp)/rpm] 13.5/3000
Compression ratio 8.5:1
Engine speed 3000
Ignition system T.I.C
Type of cooling Air-cooled
Lubrication system Compression-spray
Start-up mode Electric start
Fuel 90#unleaded gasoline
Lube brand SAE10W30(above CD grade)
Lubrication oil volume[L] 1.9
Starting motor capacity[V-KW] 12V 0.8KW
Battery capacity[V-Ah] 12v 36Ah
Specific fuel consumption[g/kw.h] 4.0
Fuel capacity[L] 37
Continuous operation hours 8

KGE10E/E3 parts


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