Rated frequency(Hz) 50
Rated output power(kw) 12.5
Max output power(kw) 14
Rated voltage(V) 230
Rated current(A) 54.3
Rated rotation speed(rpm) 3000
Phase number Single phase
Power factor cos(φ) 1.0
Insulation class F
Number of poles 2
Exciting Mode Automatic regulator(with AVR)
Panel form Normal Panel
Output voltage(V) 230
Output form Single phase*2 binding post
Size[(L*W*H)(mm)] 1660*780*1060
Net weight(kg) 480
Gross weight(kg) 500
Noise level(dba/7m) 75
Structure form Silent type
Engine model KM380
Engine type Single cylinder,vertical,4-stroke,direct injection
Number of cylinders-bore*stroke[mm] 3-80*90
Displacement[ml] 1357
Rated output power[kw/rpm] 21/3000
Compression ratio 19:1
Engine speed 3000
Ignition system Compression-ignition
Type of cooling Water cooled
Lubrication system Copression-spray
Start-up mode Electric start
Fuel 0# (summer),-10# (winter)-35#(frost)diesel oil
Lube brand SAE10W30(above CD grade)
Lubrication oil volume[L] 20
Starting motor capacity[V-KW] 5
Fly-wheel generator capacity 12V 1.5KW
Battery capacity[V-Ah] 12V 70Ah
Specific fuel consumption[g/kw.h] ≤245
Fuel capacity[L] 38
Continuous operation hours 12

KDE15TN parts


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